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Objectives, Mission & Vision


  1. The B.Sc. Microbiology programme has been designed to provide a sound understanding of the concepts of micro-organisms in relation to mankind and the environment. The   programme will elaborate the importance of micro-organisms in the industry, health and environmental sectors of the society. It will also  emphasize the traditional biotechnology and linkage to the current modern Biotechnology.
  2. The MSc. and PhD programmers are intended to expand knowledge of graduate students in Medical, Food/ Industrial, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Microbiology specialized areas and impart training in independent research and study.
  3. Provide training and high level manpower for Universities, Industry, research institute, Public Health and Medical
  4. Train individuals to be self employed.


To provide a conducive learning and research environment and a student-friendly atmosphere that facilitates academic excellence in all aspects of Microbiology.


To become a centre of excellence for creative and innovative training and research in Microbiology.